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If you use x64 version of Windows you need to install x64 version of our app: SocksEscort64
It's recommended to run the installer as administrator:

After installing the app you should reboot your OS, otherwise you can get the following message:

This is not an error, reboot your OS before launching SocksEscort.

1. Main application window:

2. In order to work with our SOCKS proxies, you need to login first.

You can find the following options in the app settings: country selection, quick panel, login at startup.

3. The working process is based on profiles.

Default profile - contains all installed and running applications on your PC.

If you need to socksify (proxify) your whole OS, you need to activate proxies to the default profile. In order to do that you need to select a country from the list on the left, then select any proxy, and click on Obtain to default profile. Red icon will then switch to the green one.

Your browser's IP will change to the selected proxy IP after that.

4. You can enable a separate socksification (proxification) for every application: Profiles - Default profile - Stop socksifing

5. You can find the following settings for every application:

Use remote dns - use SOCKS DNS
Change language - use SOCKS language
Childrens inherit settings - automatically socksify (proxify) processes which were created by the main process. (For example, if you use IE and enable this option, Flash and Java processes which were created by IE will be automatically socksified)

6. Profile has the following settings:

Local SOCKS proxy Port - a port you can use to access proxies with IP:PORT pair
Socksifing applications - socksify application from this profile automatically
Blocking the connections without proxy - kill switch. Blocks connections which don't use proxy or if proxy goes offline
Override DNS by default - use proxy DNS for new applications by default.
Proxy autochange politic - automatically switch proxy if the previous one has gone offline.

7. Whole OS socksifying.

If you don't socksify the whole OS, you need to go to the default profile and select Blocking the connections without proxy - NO. Profile color should change to blue.

8. Individual application socksification.

If you need to socksify an individual app, or use it with another proxy, you need to create a new profile. Left menu -> Profiles - Profile manager - Create New.

After that you should move an application from Default profile (select an app and click on Move to profile), and then activate a proxy to the new profile. (click on Obtain to New profile on the selected proxy)

9. Using proxy with IP:PORT pair.

You can use all SocksEscort proxies as IP:PORT in any application (proxifier, browser, etc.). Every profile has a unique port, after activating a proxy to the profile you can access it by with profile's port. For example, (SOCKS5) - default profile
Our app supports up to 50 profiles. We recommend to pause profile if you use IP:PORT (see par.7)

10. Firefox manual proxy (IP:PORT) usage example with Proxy DNS:

Pause the Default profile. (see par.7). Activate proxy to the Default profile (see par.3).

Open Firefox settings, enter "Proxy" in the search bar and open Connection Settings:
1) Select Manual proxy configuration.
2) In the SOCKS Host field enter, port 5080
3) Check Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5
4) Save settings

If you still have any questions - contact our tech support.

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